VE Social Impacts International Conference



Date: PM, Jan 15th, 2022

Venue : Chinese Technology University, Taipei Campus, Room 101, Ger-Jyh Building
Annual meeting 14:00-15:00
Break 1 15:00-15:20

Value Engineering Social Impacts International Conference

Theme:Social Impacts of Value Engineering
Date: Jan 15, Sat, 2022 PM
1. Value Engineering Impacts on Sustainable Environment, Dr. S. J. Lin 
2. International Trends of Impact Measurement, Prof. J. W. Shen, National Central University 
3. Exploration of Applying VE on Safety Management System (SMS) in Railway Industry, Ming Chang Shih, Ph. D Candidate, National Central University 
4. T3 Terminal VE Application, Dr. Poyi CHANG, CVS-Life, MATRIZ L3, President, Taiwan Chapter SAVE International
5. How the application of VA/VE in German industry fosters sustainability,Sebastian Meindl, Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Meindl, PVM, TVM, CVS (Germany, Web)
6. Environmental & Social Considerations Can Drive Substantial Cost & Time Savings: Real Life Example, Martyn Phillips, CVS-Life,PVM , FSAVE, FICE, FCIWEM, FIVM, FHKIVM, P.Eng. (Canada, Web recording)
7. Panel Discussion